30 March 2023

‘Studybugs’ at Cypress Primary

Parents at Cypress will have heard by now that we are introducing a new way of reporting absence and communicating with the school via an app called ‘Studybugs’.  The reasons for using ‘Studybugs’ are threefold:

  • To allow a wider range of contacts (two or three registered parents or carers) to report absence via e-mail or app;
  • To better communicate with our school community.  In our online surveys we have seen that there was some unhappiness about the fact that only one contact could be added to our texting system.  ‘Studybugs’ allows multiple people to join via e-mail OR app;
  • To save both parents and our school offices time with getting children properly registered in the morning with all absences carefully followed up.

We are hoping parents and carers will register as soon as possible by downloading the app or registering for an account online.  The details of how to do so are in a letter which you can read here. In the summer term all communications from Cypress will come through ‘Studybugs’ and the texting system will be switched off.  The higher the percentage of parents and carers that use the system the better so please do so as soon as you can.

Jolyon Roberts

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Published on 30th March, 2023

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