06 February 2024

Safer Internet Day 2024 at EPS

Today, Mr Francis delivered an informative assembly to help children develop their understanding of ways to stay safe online. There was a particular focus on the ever-changing face of technology and letting children know that their favourite apps, games and websites are continuously being updated and changed. Children learned that they should always talk to a trusted adult if changes online concern them in any way.

Children were introduced to The Safer Internet Day Poem:

Going online can be so much fun,
You can play, and chat, and find out.
But when things change and you feel unsure.
Then that’s when it’s time to shout…
“Something has changed, and I need some help,
What’s happening doesn’t feel good.”
Things will get better when a trusted adult knows,
And your feelings have been understood.”

Parents and carers interested in finding out more are encouraged to visit:

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Published on 6th February, 2024

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