23 February 2022

CYP UPPER: Y5 Viking Day

Y5 have had a super exciting day today – we had a special Viking visitor! Our visitor – who wanted to be known as a skald (a Viking storyteller) – shared a lot of information with us and also gave us a chance to handle some Viking artefacts.

The day started with all 3 classes in the hall, where our skald demonstrated what a real Viking would wear – in and out of battle. The children then had a chance to handle different artefacts, from shields, to axes, to chainmail and finally some swords.

After that, we listened to a key story from the Viking mythology, which involved Loki getting up to his usual mischief. The children really enjoyed this part, as a lot of them were involved in the acting out of the story; a special well done to Jimmy in Willow class who did a great impression of the wolf Fenrir!

The last part of the session focused on battles and how the Viking warriors were able to conquer large parts of the UK. Each class had a go at forming a defensive wall made out of shields and practiced charging at their enemy. They all did so well that out visitor could not decide who was the best!

We all had a wonderful day and hope you enjoy looking through some of the photos from the event.

The Y5 Team

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Published on 23rd February, 2022

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