27 January 2023

#ATW – Year 1 Celebrating Chinese New Year

This week in Year One we have been looking at the non-fiction text, ‘Chinese New Year: Festivals Around the World’.

Chinese new year (Festivals Around the World) : Jones,Grace: Amazon.co.uk: Books

The children started the week by learning about how families can celebrate Chinese New Year.  They orally rehearsed the story of Chinese New Year, focusing on Nian the monster who came down from the mountains every year to scare the villagers.  The children picked out key facts and information from the text and created a fact file.

“To celebrate this festive time of year, Chinese people eat festive foods, set off loud fireworks and perform traditional dances.”

“Children are given gifts of special red envelopes from their parents and grandparents.  The envelopes have money inside them and are seen as lucky.”

Later in the week the children wrote instructions for a traditional noodle recipe.  We spoke about the importance of clear, detailed instructions, linking this with our Lego building topic within computing.  As a class, we went to the cooking room and followed our instructions to create our noodles.  We discussed the utensils we needed to use to make our recipes and enjoyed using the chopsticks at the end to eat our noodles!

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Published on 27th January, 2023

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