14 March 2024

Pegasus Celebrates Spring!

Welcome to the vibrant world of spring poetry at Pegasus! In a wonderful celebration of creativity and expression, seven schools gathered together for an enchanting Spring Poetry Competition. Thirty-two bright young minds took to the stage, eager to share their poetic skills and captivate audiences with their words.

From the first shy whispers to the loud applauses, each child poured their heart into their performances. Laughter and joy filled the air as they explored themes of Easter, blossoming friendships, and the wonders of nature.

A special thank you to our judges Ms Sampson, Ms Parker and Mr Stephenson and Mr Gadd for his super tech skills!

Every poet has created lasting memories and you can relive the enchantment of each performance at your own leisure – scan the QR codes to watch the performances!

Until next spring, may the magic of poetry continue to inspire and delight us all!

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Published on 14th March, 2024

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