13 June 2023

Year 6 School Journey Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the virtual meeting this evening!  For anyone who missed it, you can view the meeting by clicking on the following link:

School Journey Meeting 13.6.23

Below is a list of the main points covered, however if you have any further questions or issues which aren’t addressed here, please contact your child’s class teacher as soon as possible.

*UPDATE* We have just received an updated departure time from the coach company which is now 1pm. This means that we should return to school between 2:30pm and 3:00pm on Friday 30th June.


The main packing list can be found here but some key items are highlighted below:

  • medication – this must be handed in to school staff on the morning of departure, in a named ziplock/sandwich bag or similar along with directions for use and dosages.  A record will be kept of all medication administered;
  • sleeping bag (available for reasonable prices at shops such as Sports Direct, Decathlon and Argos)
  • ground mat/roll mat (a yoga mat is a good substitute)
  • torch – head torches are ideal but not compulsory;
  • electrical items such as mobile phones are not allowed, but disposable or cheap digital cameras are permitted

Any type of bag or suitcase is acceptable, as long as your child can transport it themselves. Just remember that the children are only staying for 2 nights so they don’t need a bag bigger than they are!  A few changes of clothes, toiletries and spare footwear are the necessities, and please do not bring brand-new or expensive items which may become damaged during activities.  Although we are hopefully the weather will be as wonderful as it has been recently, don’t forget to pack a warm top for the evenings and a waterproof, as well as suncream! We ask that all belongings be labelled, and ideally pack a list of the items so that your child can successfully re-pack everything to bring home.


Children will be placed into single-gender tents with their friends and classmates, with each school from the Trust having its own campsite.  The school staff’s tents are on the same site, and staff will be on hand for any eventuality and will supervise the children both during the activities and until all the children are asleep.  School staff will ensure that children look after their belongings and maintain our Pegasus Values.

Each site has its own ‘portaloo’-style toilets, but there is also a modern toilet and shower block which serves the whole site.  At night if children need the bathroom, they will go with a friend for their safety and take a torch.

Clear boundaries will be given to the children about where they can go, and a safety briefing takes place on arrival to the site.

During the day

The children’s time will be completely filled with activities run the by centre’s well-trained staff from morning until evening in the beautiful Cuffley woodland.  As soon as the itinerary of activities is finalised, we will let you and the children know in case that impacts on what clothes need to be packed.

All meals are provided, including snacks and even marshmallows (with vegan option) for roasting on the campfire.  There are options for hot and cold breakfasts and a number of outdoor meal options such as a BBQ kitchen and outdoor pizza ovens which will be timetabled for our stay.  There is also an on-site kitchen and dining hall, and all meals are specifically planned around the dietary requirements of the children.

At the end of each day, a web story will be published on the Pegasus Academy website with pictures of the children enjoying their activities.  Regular text message updates will be sent, so please make sure the school has your up-to-date contact details, and any emergency contact can be made via the school office or directly from school staff to you using the details you have provided.

2 weeks and counting!

We are really looking forward to the trip now, and the children are thoroughly excited! Please be assured that the Pegasus staff accompanying the children will go above and beyond to guarantee the children’s safety and enjoyment.  We are a very experienced team, and many of us are parents ourselves, so it will undoubtedly be a memorable experience for all our pupils who are attending.

Published on 13th June, 2023

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