30 March 2023

Year 3 take on a Mammoth Task

In Year 3, we have started our new thematic topic, Like a Rolling Stone.  In this topic, we will be studying the Stone Age, Iron Age and the Bronze Age.  In order to support the children’s cross-curricular learning, we have also been looking at texts related to the Stone Age in both whole class reading and Literacy.

In Literacy, the children have had great fun studying woolly mammoths in great detail – imagining what their fur felt like, how they moved and how they sounded.  We have even talked about how they might have smelt!!  The children then used this to write a descriptive paragraph about woolly mammoths using their knowledge of apostrophes for possession and the word ‘its’ to make their writing accurate and interesting.

We hope that you enjoy reading these examples of the children’s work.

Published on 30th March, 2023

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