11 November 2021

CYP UPPER – A Busy week for Y5

It has been an incredibly busy – but super fun – week for us in Y5.

To start off, we had a very informative virtual workshop with the London Fire Brigade, where Hazel (a fire safety officer) talked us through the importance of fire safety and how it is necessary for us all to have functional smoke alarms. Please do read through the attached document, so that you can create your fire escape plan and also complete a home fire safety checklist. Make sure to ask your child for help, as they will already have lots of existing knowledge.

As your child may have told you, in our English lessons we have been learning about instructions and to start the unit off, the children had a go at creating a fruit salad. They absolutely loved chopping, slicing and peeling the different fruit and really enjoyed tucking into their delicious creations at the end. From this, the children were then able to write a recipe for a fruit salad and over the next few days we will be relying on the children’s linking skills to create their own spooky soup recipes.

We also started our Forest School sessions this week, where the children had a blast playing ‘The Floor is Lava’ –  a game where they had to work in small groups to get across an area with just 2 small, plastic sheets. After that, the children had to be really imaginative as they had to create a naughts and crosses game using only natural materials. All of us are really looking forward to next week, as we will be toasting marshmallows; we cannot wait!

We will be in touch soon with another update.

Y5 Team

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Published on 11th November, 2021

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