14 November 2022

Ms Baldry does EPS proud at the Precious Awards!

At Ecclesbourne, we are proud to celebrate our very own Ms Baldry who was nominated by one of our parents for a prestigious Precious Award in the category of ‘outstanding woman in the public sector’. The Precious Awards are intent on recognising the often unsung contributions of remarkable role models and of bringing those success stories to light. Ms Baldry was nominated for her ongoing commitment to highlighting the roles and contributions of Black people and people of colour throughout British history and into the modern day, as well as the vital work she does as a founding member of the Trust’s Inclusivity Committee.

On Friday 11th November, Ms Baldry attended the awards ceremony as one of a select group of just three finalists, supported by friends, family and colleagues. They enjoyed a wonderful evening celebrating the professional achievements of women of colour.

Ms Baldry was recognised for being ‘a committed advocate for year-round inclusion of Black British history’, and the fact that ‘her work has become woven into the fabric of the school’ – something we can all attest to at EPS! We are lucky to have a wide range of engaging books and resources on Black British history permanently available thanks to Ms Baldry’s passion and dedication.

Congratulations, Ms Baldry! We are so proud of you.

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Published on 14th November, 2022

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