10 July 2019

CYP LOWER – Summer fun in Little Cypress

In Little Cypress we have been fully embracing summer! We have continued our interest in bees by learning all about their lifecycle. What amazing knowledge we had, including knowing about the larva and pupa!  We made honey sandwiches for our Teddy Bears’ Picnic on our grass outside.

We have been thinking about the summer holidays and learning all about the beach, having fun in our new ice-cream parlour, making our own ice-creams with shaving foam, as well as cooking up a beautifully aromatic citrus soup. We made some amazing concoctions with coloured water and flowers to make a flower stew to attract some bees to our nursery. Our cutting skills have improved so much.

It hardly seems possible that the year is almost over!

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Published on 10th July, 2019

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