15 September 2023

CYP LOWER: New beginnings in Little Cypress!

What a pleasure it has been meeting all our new Rainbows and Nursery children over the past two weeks! Despite a few tears (from both the children and parents!), the children are settling in so well and already getting to grips with the routines of their new classes. The staff have all been so impressed with how quickly the new starters are understanding how things work in Little Cypress and how well they are learning to share and take turns.

There has been a big interest in dinosaurs in both Rainbows and Nursery and what amazing knowledge some of the children have about the different ones! There has been much exploration, both inside and outside!

The children have also enjoyed meeting Seve, our school therapy and reading dog and being very brave around him, especially if they are a little hesitant around dogs. We have been reminding children of the best way to stroke Seve and that he is a very gentle dog.

Those who stay full-time with us are already professionals when it comes to walking up to the main school hall and having our school dinner or packed lunch. We are creeping past the Gruffalo and the mouse who is on the wall near Mrs Sorensen’s office, so we don’t disturb them!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team

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Published on 15th September, 2023

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