07 February 2020

CYP LOWER – Magnificent Museum Day!

What a spectacular Museum Day we have had at Lower Site today! It was truly incredible to see the huge effort that the children and staff had put in to their thematic work these past few weeks.

In Reception, it was terrifying to see so many monsters gathered in Red, Yellow and Orange Classes! There were Gruffalos galore, some one-eyed monsters and many more weird and wonderful creations. Well done to the parents/carers for helping your children to dress up today. The Reception Classes had each made their own huge collaborative class monster and also their own individual ones, alongside lots of other monster work.

In Year 1, the theme was toys and it was lovely to see so many parents/carers and their children making peg dolls, cups and balls and playing some traditional games, such as Noughts and Crosses. The outfits were brilliant – well done to everyone for using their imaginations so well to create such amazing toys.

In Year 2, we went back back to Tudor times and it was very regal in the three classes with so many kings, queens, princes and princesses. The Royals had some servants to support them and there was plenty of curtseying going on! There were even a couple of Royal ‘Beheaders’, who were, frankly, quite unnerving! The Tudor music coming from the classrooms was very atmospheric and the gallery of Tudor self-portraits showed fabulous detail and skill. The children in Year 2 were playing some Tudor games and showing their parents/carers their beautiful work.

A big thank you to everyone in our school for all their hard work in making Museum Day so successful and enjoyable.

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Published on 7th February, 2020

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