25 February 2022

CYP LOWER – Little Cypress – Springing in to Spring 2!

We have hit the ground running in our first week back in Rainbows and Nursery for Spring 2! The children have been exploring signs of Spring and thinking about things we might see in Springtime. We have been doing close observational paintings of daffodils and thinking about baby animals that are born in Spring.

We have had the whole spectrum of weather conditions this week, including showers, hail, thunder and bright sunshine, all provoking plenty of discussion and singing songs such as: ‘It’s raining, it’s pouring!’, ‘I hear Thunder!’, ‘Doctor Foster’, ‘Incy Wincy’ and many more. We are looking forward to learning some new songs, rhymes and poems next week during Book Week here at Cypress.

Have a wonderful weekend!

The Little Cypress Team

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Published on 25th February, 2022

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