17 November 2023

CYP Lower: Little Cypress – Finding Light in the Darkness

Friendship Week

We have had a thoughtful and friendly time in Little Cypress, as it has been Friendship Week. We have considered what makes a good friend and how we can be kind to each other. Circle time brought lots of ideas about how we can do good deeds for other people and how that can make others feel happy. Erica said: “I look after my friends by looking for their gloves if they get lost!” and Eleni said that: “I give my friends a hug if they are sad!”

Diwali Celebrations

We have continued our celebrations for Diwali this week and have enjoyed making our own clay divas. Once dried, we painted them in bright colours, waited for the paint to dry and then had fun with the glitter and sequins to make the divas look extra sparkly and festive. In the story of Rama and Sita, divas lined the way out of the dark forest, leading Rama and Sita home. We think our divas will brighten up the dark November evenings when we take them home. The children have been brilliant at remembering aspects of the story, including the ten-headed demon, Ravana (who also had twenty arms!) and the helpful and magical monkey, Hanuman. Find our more about Diwali and what we have been learning here.

We really enjoyed playing with the coloured sand in different Rangoli Patterns, whilst developing our fine motor skills by transferring the sand in to different containers and trying not to spill too much! Rangoli patterns are bright patterns on the floor by the door to welcome visitors into Hindu homes. During the festival of Diwali, bright patterns are drawn on the floor to encourage the goddess Lakshmi to enter their homes.

As well as making divas, we have been exploring the sounds and shapes that fireworks make and making some wonderful, glittery paintings.

Makaton Sign of the Week

As always, we have learned a new sign this week. This week’s sign is ‘brave’. Click here to see how to sign the word ‘brave’. See if you can have a go at signing this word at home!

Maths, maths, everywhere!

The children in Nursery have been particularly interested in making bridges this week. They have made long towers with Unifix cubes, linking two separate tables with their bridges. It was wonderful to hear them then singing: ‘London Bridge is falling down!’ as they were working! It was incredible to observe the amount of counting, pattern-making, measuring and spatial awareness that was happening, not to mention the scientific element of making sure the ‘bridge’ didn’t collapse in the middle!

Fun in the Sun for Children in Need

Friday brought with it some much-needed sunshine, so we were all able to stretch our legs and enjoy some time in our Adventure Playground. It has also been Children in Need day, where we thought about people less fortunate than ourselves and raised money for this fabulous cause at the same time.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team


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Published on 17th November, 2023

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