09 June 2023

CYP LOWER: Little Cypress – Down on the Farm

Down on the Farm

We have been learning all about farms this week in Little Cypress. We started the week by reading ‘Oliver’s Milkshake’ where Oliver visits a farm and then makes a delicious milkshake. We all made our own blueberry and banana milkshakes which we almost all agreed were delicious!

Continuing our farm theme, we have loved making tractor tracks on huge pieces of paper with paint, both collaboratively and individually. We loved getting the (chocolate) mud off the pigs by bathing them in water and scrubbing them clean with toothbrushes! They got muddy again fairly rapidly!

We read the story ‘Snore’ about a farm dog who fell asleep and kept all the animals awake with his loud snoring. Seve, our school dog, fell asleep on the carpet and we thought it was really funny because it was similar to the story. We tried to wake him up with farm animal noises and eventually it worked!

This week we have been showing a particular interest in reading, both inside and outside. We have been thinking about our favourite books and writing about why we like them.

Building work

There was huge excitement in the Nursery playground yesterday as some workmen were replacing our decking. They cordoned it all off and we watched with fascination behind the cordons, making sure Seve kept well back as well!

Makaton Sign of the Week

As always, we have learned a new Makaton sign this week. This week’s sign is same. Click here to see how to sign ‘same’.

The weather is heating up so please remember to send your child in to Little Cypress each day with sunscreen already applied, a bottle of water and a sunhat.

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team


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Published on 9th June, 2023

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