26 January 2024

CYP LOWER – Little Cypress: Chinese New Year Celebrations begin!

Chinese New Year

It’s been a colourful and exciting week in Little Cypress! We have started to learn about Chinese New Year and already know that 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. We have learned that every year is named after one of twelve animals, all of whom took part in the Great Race, overseen by the Jade Emperor. The rat won the race (even though he cheated!) and the pig came last. Learn more about the Great Race in this short clip, by clicking here.

We learned how red is a lucky colour in China and people buy new red clothes, give each other red envelopes containing money and put up red decorations in their houses, after doing a big Spring Clean to welcome in the New Year. Chinese New Year is also called the Lunar New Year as the celebrations depend on the appearance of the full moon. This year, the Lunar New Year begins on February 10th.

We have each chosen an animal and tried to write the name of that animal in Mandarin. We focused really well on copying the symbols and the results were amazing! Rainbows have been very busy creating a very special dragon for the New Year celebrations.

Additionally, the children have been very interested in books this week and have been enjoying the cosy book corners in Little Cypress, both inside and outside, choosing their favourite books to read with their friends and with the adults. Construction has been a firm favourite too, with the children using their problem-solving skills to try and make their towers and structures as tall as possible, without them falling down!

The staff in Little Cypress are always on the lookout to ‘catch’ children doing the right thing! Our recognition boards are filling up with notes of all the amazing ways that Rainbows and Nursery are working together and showing us what kind and clever children they all are. Juniper and Erica did some wonderful writing patterns and Cillian thought so carefully about the bridges he loves to create. Jahrhyse remembered that the rat won the Great Race and Ralf knew the Ox came second, because it is his favourite animal from the story.  All the children have been trying their very best to be good listeners at carpet time. All the staff are very proud of you!

Makaton Sign of the Week

As usual, we have learned a new Makaton sign this week. The word is quite appropriate for this time of year: cold. Click here to see how to sign cold.

We hope you all have a very happy weekend!

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team

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Published on 26th January, 2024

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