20 October 2023

CYP Lower: Half a term of our wonderful Reception Children!

Settling in to life at Cypress Lower

It barely seems possible that half a term has already flown by since the Reception children started in their classes! All the staff have seen what amazing progress they have made since September, picking up the rules and routines of life at Cypress so well. Becoming part of a class is not always easy and learning to take turns, get along and bounce back when things don’t go to plan is all part and parcel of growing up and becoming independent. The children have made new friends and continued some established friendships for those of them who were in Little Cypress. Learning to navigate our way around our classrooms, outdoor spaces and communal areas such as the hall and the library have also been new experiences for the children. Forest School is timetabled every week and it’s been heart-warming to see all the three classes enjoying exploring nature first-hand in these sessions.

Our school Therapy and Reading dog, Seve, is a regular part of life at Cypress and the children in Reception get to see him on Mondays and Wednesdays, when he is in school.

Learning, learning, learning 

The children have had so many amazing learning opportunities over the past few weeks, including a very exciting visit from people who worked for the Air Ambulance. Ersel and Zen even got to try on the Air Ambulance uniform! All the children are learning their phonics through the Little Wandle scheme and we can’t believe how quickly the children are picking up their sounds and using them to blend, in order to both read and write!

Reception have been learning all about Our Family, Funnybones and Autumn and have enjoyed so many creative activities!

Friday’s Rainbow Assembly

Every Friday, Miss Chapman has the great honour of leading assembly for the Reception children and awarding two children from each class a Rainbow Certificate for outstanding behaviour or work.

Show Racism the Red Card

Cypress was a sea of red clothing today to mark ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ Day. Today linked with our work on Black History Month and thank you to all those who donated to this important cause.

Makaton Sign of the Week 

We all learn a new Makaton sign every week together and the children are so good at remembering these signs during the week. This week’s sign is mouse. Click here to learn how to sign mouse.

Gold Awards

Miss Chapman led the Reception assembly this morning to award the first Gold Awards of the year to two children from each class. The theme for this half-term is Resilient Learner and those who got the award today were: Alexandra, Erik, Benjamin, Larissa, Saga and Flynn. Many congratulations to all of the Gold Award recipients. We are so proud of how you persevere with your work, even when things go wrong!

We hope you all have a wonderful half-term break and that you get to enjoy some wonderful Autumnal weather!

Mrs Sorensen, Miss Chapman and the Reception Team

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Published on 20th October, 2023

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