10 November 2023

CYP Lower: Little Cypress – Funky Fireworks, Diwali and Remembrance

Fabulous Fireworks

What an action-packed week we have had in Little Cypress! This time of year gifts us so many learning opportunities and we have been exploring fireworks following Bonfire Night on the 5th November. We have used a salad spinner and paper circles (our shape for this week!) and dropped coloured paint on the circles using pipettes. This has been wonderful for strengthening the muscles in our hands. We then put the circles in the spinner and turned the handle to make the spinner go round and round, creating fabulous firework-effect paintings. Later in the week we have made more firework pictures using splayed-out cardboard tubes, firework printing blocks and plenty of glue and glitter!

Poppies for Remembrance

We have been noticing that some people are wearing poppies at this time of year. We discussed why we wear poppies in November and had a quiet, reflective two minutes this morning as an act of Remembrance. We watched this lovely clip from CBeebies if you wanted to re-visit it over the weekend. Click here to watch it. We will be carrying on with the poppy and Remembrance theme next week.

Divas for Diwali

This Sunday, 12th November marks the Hindu Festival of Light, known as Diwali. Diwali is a joyous festival, highlighting the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness. Click here to learn more about this fabulous festival. We have made our own divas using clay. Divas traditionally are oil lamps used to light Rama and Sita’s journey home. Click here to learn more about the Rama and Sita story. Rainbows have explored different coloured rice in Rangoli patterns, which are: ‘…bright and colourful designs to welcome the goddess Lakshmi into their homes. This was hopefully to bring them good luck in the forthcoming year as Lakshmi was the goddess of wealth and fortune.’

Circles, circles, everywhere!

This week we have been going round and round in circles! We have been searching for circles within Little Cypress and have been finding them everywhere! See if you can have a circle hunt over the weekend and count how many you can find around the house or in the environment.

Makaton Sign of the Week

As usual, we have learned a new Makaton Sign of the Week. This week’s sign fits beautifully with Bonfire Night and fireworks: it is fire. Click here to see how to sign the word ‘fire’.

Playground Renovations

We are having the soft surface around our climbing frame and Wendy House re-done. On Thursday and Friday some of our Nursery playground was out of bounds whilst the workmen did the renovations. We were fascinated by what was going on and had a good look from behind the safety fence, asking lots of questions. We found out that one of the workmen was called Wayne! The playground is now looking spick and span and will be used again from Monday morning.

Next week we will continue to learn about Diwali and Remembrance.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Diwali to all of our families who celebrate this festival.

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team.

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Published on 10th November, 2023

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