19 January 2024

CYP Lower: Frosty Fun in Little Cypress’ Winter Wonderland!

Jack Frost has visited!

The weather turned very chilly this week and we were certainly prepared for the change in temperature! We made sure we were wrapped up warmly in our Winter attire and we have loved exploring where Jack Frost has sprinkled his glittery, icy magic all over our outside play areas. We have made marks in the frost and loved seeing it glint like diamonds when the sun came out.

We had fun making Wintery collages, developing our fine motor skills in the process and thinking about cold weather colours such as blue, silver and white. Rainbows had fun covering the whole table with their cold colours, using a variety of printing wheels.

Mega Mathematicians!

This week, we have showed a huge interest in maths activities. We have developed our problem solving skills and spatial awareness through working collaboratively on different puzzles. We used the wooden shapes to make amazing structures, including Emma’s wonderful ice-cream stall, where we role played tasting a variety of delicious flavoured ice creams! Kaleem was a fabulous scientist and was working out to roll the balls along different ramps and at various heights. Great focus and determination, Kaleem!

Makaton Sign of the Week

Each week we learn a new Makaton sign and this week it is the word cheese. Click here to see how to sign cheese.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team

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Published on 19th January, 2024

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