23 February 2024

CYP Lower: Making it count in Little Cypress!

Mathematicians in the making!

In Little Cypress we have settled straight back in to the routines after our half-term break. This week the children have been particularly interested in counting and sorting. They have shown ingenious ways to sort objects in to categories such as colours and shapes. Alex made the Hungarian flag out of Unifix cubes, which was so clever! Jack and Gabriel sorted all the mini Numberblob counters into chains of colours. Cillian made more bridges with the Unifix which stretched across the tables and Meziah matched the colours with the Numberblocks completely accurately.

We have been singing lots of number rhymes and Mr Roberts came in to Nursery and almost got attacked by our alligator who was being teased by five naughty monkeys!

Nursery have been exploring capacity through water and sand play and incorporated the hand-wash mousse in to the water play for extra sensory fun!

Role-play Fun

Both Nursery and Rainbows have enjoyed their role-play this week. The staff have had lots of meals ‘cooked’ for them and endless cups of tea made! The children have been pretending to be babies and mummies and some of the babies’ crying has been very loud!

Cody’s Chinese New Year

Cody went to Chinatown over the half-term and bought a wonderful Chinese dragon which he showed to all his friends. He remembered so much about Chinese New Year and how 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. He also could remember the order in which the animals came in the Great Race. Well done, Cody!

Makaton Sign of the Week 

As usual, we have learned a new sign this week in Makaton. This week’s sign is pet (pet animal). Click here to see how to sign the word for pet.

We learned lots of rainy days songs this week, but Friday brought some much-needed sunshine. We made the most of the lovely weather by going to the Adventure Playground and releasing lots of energy!

Wishing you all a relaxing and happy weekend!

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team


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Published on 23rd February, 2024

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