12 May 2023

CYP LOWER – Coronation Crazy in Little Cypress!

A Tea Party fit for a King and Queen

We have enjoyed another short week following the Coronation Bank Holiday on Monday, but have packed in so much learning in the remaining four days. We reflected on our memories of the Coronation on Saturday and the children remembered such interesting facts. Cole said: “I liked it when they got in the golden carriage!” and Joshua said: “I liked having a party with tea and sandwiches at Nursery!”  Athena exclaimed that: “I loved it when Queen Camilla was crowned!”  and Rocco said: “I love it when we celebrate and eat cupcakes!”  Elsie could even point out and talk about the gold ‘Supertunica’ tunic that King Charles III wore as part of the ceremonial proceedings.

We made our own versions of the Gold State Coach, decorating paper plates using different skills of painting, collage, printing and glueing. It was great fun making cucumber or jam sandwiches, washed down with cups of (weak!) tea in china cups. We felt very regal, having our own tea party! We have delighted in re-enacting parts of the Coronation using puppets with different British-themed images on them.

Makaton Sign of the Week

We continue to learn a new Makaton sign every week and this week’s in particularly relevant as we have enjoyed our own Coronation-inspired tea party in Rainbows and Nursery! So this week’s sign is tea! Click here to see how to sign the word tea.

It was a week of the usual inclement weather with plenty of rain and the occasional appearance of that elusive sun!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Miss Chapman and the Little Cypress Team

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Published on 12th May, 2023

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