08 July 2024

BINF- Reception Visit The Farm

Last week, reception got to go on a mini adventure to Crystal Palace Park Farm and what a fantastic day we all had!  We began our journey by taking the bus from the school and the children enjoyed talking about the familiar places that they recognised.  When we arrived at the farm, the children were so excited about meeting all the different animals. The handlers introduced the children to various animals, including goats, lamas, guinea pigs, rabbits and even a tortoise called bubble that was 82 years old!  We learned so many interesting facts whilst we were there and even got to hold and touch some of the animals, such as a stick insect and a bearded dragon. The children all agreed that the best part was when they got to feed the goats. Enniola said, “They were very hungry, when it was eating it tickled my hand.”  After the farm, we were able to have a big picnic in the park and play some fun games together! What an exciting day!

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Published on 8th July, 2024

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