04 July 2022

BINF – Nursery class help to save our planet!

We had such fun in the nursery last week, we were learning all about the environment.   We turned into little superheroes who wanted to save the earth! We did this by learning how to recycle which can help to stop pollution and save our sea animals!  Working in groups, using old recycled boxes, our creativity and teamwork skills we made our own robots.  The children were so pleased with their robots they named them – ‘Mikon’, ‘Bockley’ and ‘Pucca-skateboard.’  Next, we children made a recycled boat using old egg cartons and lollypop sticks.  We also drew and cut out people for the boats as they needed them to drive it!  We now have recycled shopping bags in our café role-play area and we will continue to recycle to help save our planet!   Finally, we have been continuing our work to solve every day mathematics problems and we can now help our adults to pair the socks up at home!

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Published on 4th July, 2022

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