27 June 2022

BINF – Gold Class Turn Into Scientists!

Gold class really enjoyed science week!  We carried out a number of experiments linked to our under the sea topic.  Our first experiment was all about sinking and floating.  We used a small world beach set up and a plastic boat then counted how many stones we needed to put on the crate to make it sink; we got all the way to 5 stones!   We also made bubble paint, using washing up liquid, blue paint and water all mixed together.  Using our straws, we blew into the paint and created big, blue bubbles which we caught on paper and then waited for them to dry.  Working as scientists, we closely observed how the bubbles looked when they had completely dried out and had a big discussion on what we though it looked like.   As a class, we all decided that it looked like an ocean and using our creativity skills, we made a collage of our own ocean scene.  In our third experiment, we used recycled plastic bottles to create our own sensory bottles.  We mixed water and baby oil together then shook the bottle closely observing how the oil bubbles floated to the top.  After, we added glitter, buttons, glitter paint and gooey balls to see if they would float or sink in the bottle.  Over the week we have also been reading the book “Barry the Fish with Fingers”.  We really enjoyed the book and even got to make our own fish finger sandwiches; they were very tasty!  What a busy fun filled week we had!

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Published on 27th June, 2022

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