15 July 2022

BINF – Ahoy, Matey Welcome To Gold Class…

Arrrghhh, we have had such a fun filled week being pirates!  Throughout the week we have been making pirate hats, eye patches and telescopes, which we used in our boat role-play area.  We have also been reading the book ‘Jake’s First Day’ which has helped us to start preparing for our transition into reception!  In the book the pirates find a message in a bottle floating in the sea.  We thought this was so exciting that we decided to make our own!  We decided that we would write all of our questions that we have about going to reception and deliver it to the reception children as messages in a bottle; hoping that when they received them they would come and visit us to answer them!  Luckily the messages in the bottle made it to them and they kindly came and answered all of our questions.  In the mornings when we discuss the weather, we have noticed how hot it is!  As a class, we came up with some ideas about we can keep ourselves cool.  These ideas were drinking lots of water, sitting in the shade and making fans which really helped us to keep cooler.  At the end of the week, we decided that we should have a pirate water day where we swam in the pool, played with water (in our swimming clothes so it wouldn’t matter if we got wet) and painted water pictures on the ground!  This was our favourite day of the week as it was so much fun and it helped us to keep cool in this beautiful, hot weather!


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Published on 15th July, 2022

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