30 September 2023

Atwood – settling in Early Years

Everybody has been busy this September in the Early Years getting to know all of the new children and helping them feel safe and happy at school.

Nursery children have done well attending longer sessions and are becoming familiar with our routine.  We have been focusing on the story ‘Owl Babies’.  The children were able to design owl nests and create our own owl babies during choosing time.  This followed onto us looking at our own families and creating a family portrait.  We have also been looking at the number two and completed many activities such as our number song, finding the number two hidden around the room and mark making the number two in sand and playdough.

In Reception the children have settled really well and have been busy making friends and exploring their new environment.  Some of the children spotted tomatoes in our growing area.  We harvested them and shared them out so everyone could taste them if they wished.  The children declared that they were yummy and sweet! We collected some of the seeds to plant next year.  We also harvested seeds from our red and yellow sunflowers and everyone is looking forward to sampling them, as well as planting them for next year.  Our topic this term is ‘Marvellous Me!’ And the children have enjoyed telling us all about themselves.  We have talked about the different types of families we all have and shared the special moments we have had with them.

We are looking forward to a fantastic year with the youngest children in the school as they start their learning journey with Atwood.

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Published on 30th September, 2023

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