31 January 2023

Atwood Reception make Bog Babies

This term in reception we have been following the topic of ‘Watch out! There’s a monster about!’.  This week we have used the story of ‘Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis to base our learning around.  We started by making predictions of what we thought a bog baby was and what it might look like.  The bog baby was then revealed in the book.  The children were challenged to create a design and then crafting their own bog baby using playdough and various other materials.

As a class we talked about what a responsibility it is to look after an animal.  In the story, the bog baby became ill because it was fed on cake crumbs and it wasn’t in it’s natural habitat.  The children were challenged to create a ‘How to care for a Bog Baby’ guide to help them remember all of the things they would need to do to look after their own creature.  They then looked at the habitat that they bog baby was found and thought about all of the other creatures that live their too.  The children were finally challenged to create a place for their bog baby to live, and to give it a name label so that everybody would know who they were.  I think you will agree that the children have been very busy indeed!

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Published on 31st January, 2023

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