22 June 2023

Atwood Reception create a home for minibeasts

This half term our topic is ‘Beastly Beasts!’ The children have used information books to learn how to identify different types of minibeasts.  While we were researching, we started to look at our old Bug Hotel to search for minibeasts and decided that the creatures deserved an upgrade.  We started by chopping down some willow from our woodland area and the children worked as a team to carry it back to Reception.  We learned how to use a hacksaw safely to chop the willow into smaller pieces that would fit within the bug hotel.  While the children chopped the willow, the adults chopped the pallets in half to make the structure of the ‘building’.  The willow pieces were then put into the different ‘floors’ of the hotel to create crevices for the bugs to hide in.  We researched what else is good to put into a bug habitat and then we went to collect fallen leaves, pine cones and old pots.  We also got some straw and salvaged the logs from the old bug area.  The children then distributed the ‘ingredients’ throughout the structure and added a new sign for the hotel.  Before we had even finished we saw that a caterpillar, spider and ant had moved in!

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Published on 22nd June, 2023

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