26 May 2023

Atwood Reception celebrate being part of our wonderful world

This week in Reception our topic book has been ‘Journey’ by Aaron Becker.  This led us to think about our part in the world that we live in.  We looked at a globe and Google Earth and saw how it is a big world with many countries full of different people, animals and plants.  We linked this back to our rights and responsibilities, especially our responsibility to look after our environment. While we recently waved the Union Jack to celebrate the King’s coronation, we decided that maybe we needed a new flag, one that connects us to the whole planet that we live in and celebrates the natural world that we are a part of.

In Forest School we gathered some of the willow that is growing there and needs to be periodically cut back to stimulate new growth.  The children enjoyed exploring and cutting the willow and created many sticks for our flags.  We then put flowers and leaves within cotton fabric and tapped them with hammers to release the dyes inside to transfer their patterns onto the fabric.  Next we threaded the fabric onto the willow stick and the children enjoyed waving their nature flags to celebrate being part of our wonderful world.

Our wonderful world came to visit us too!  The bird box that we have outside yellow class has become home to a family of blue tits once again.  The children have been spotting the mum and dad bird busily flying back and forth, providing their chicks with lots of food.  We enjoyed listening to the chicks chirps as they call for their parents to come back with their dinner!

We enjoyed having parents in to read us stories.  This was a continuation from last weeks Mental Health Awareness week as being part of a community is one of the tools for maintaining good mental health.  We look forward to having parents in for other activities next term.

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Published on 26th May, 2023

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