20 May 2023

Atwood Nursery spring events!

Over the last few weeks in Nursery, the children have been very busy.  Nursery had lots of fun playing a range of games to celebrate the Kings Coronation.  From making crowns and flags, the children played musical bumps and enjoyed a tasty picnic.
We have a new planter!  Starting from last week, we have been planting our own vegetables for us to grow and pick before Summer.  We have now planted Carrots and Spinach and can not wait to observe these growing and have a taste when they are fully grown.  Nursery have learnt during whole class sessions that plants need soil, water and warmth to grow so fingers crossed we start to see signs of life soon!
The children have enjoyed their Forest School sessions, where to round up our learning about the signs of spring, the children created their own blossom sticks. The children looked for suitable sticks in Forest School, they then applied colourful tissue paper to create their own representation of blossom.

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Published on 20th May, 2023

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