13 October 2023

Atwood EYFS news – Funnybones and Bear hunting

In the Early Years we look at the world around us a lot and explore similarities, differences and change.  Normally, we would be exploring the change from summer to autumn at this time of year but we have had to delay this slightly due to the exceptional weather we have recently had.  It looks like we can finally start exploring this.

In Reception, this week we have based our learning around the story, ‘Funnybones’ by Janet & Allen Ahlberg.  The children explored the bones in our body and learned how they help us be upright.  We met Mr. Bones, our school skeleton, and the children were very brave feeling his bones and then trying to locate the same bones in our own bodies.  We looked at the differences between various animal skeletons, and tried to guess what animal each x-ray was of.  Everyone has had lots of fun creating their own versions of skeletons and the children demonstrated an excellent understanding of the human body when helping us teachers put a skeleton back together again after it had got jumbled up.  We have also been looking at the vocabulary of ‘more’, ‘fewer’ and ‘equal’ in mathematics.  We all enjoyed playing a dice game using cubes to compare amounts to see who won.

This week, nursery have been looking at the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’, by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury.  The children enjoyed listening to the story and acting out the scenes using items put out on the tuff tray.  We have also enjoyed making bird feeders and discussing what birds can eat, investigating what noises birds make and where they sleep.  Our number of the week has been number four, we have learnt a song for our new number and been looking at where it is on a number line.

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Published on 13th October, 2023

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