06 October 2023

Atwood Early Years News – Rainbow fish and some Peace at Last!

In the Early Years, children have been enjoying the unexpected good weather and have spent a lot of time outside.  We have worked on moving our old mud digging area to where we will be creating a new mud kitchen.  The children worked hard digging up the mud to create a level area for our construction materials  and moving the mud to the new digging patch.  They loved spotting all of the creatures that live in the mud, such as woodlice, worms and centipedes.

In Reception, we have used the book, ‘The Rainbow Fish’ to focus on sharing and making new friends.  The children have enjoyed making their own rainbow fish using lots of sparkly materials.  We investigated some of the vocabulary in the book and it has been wonderful seeing the children using these words in their play.

This week Nursery has introduced a new book called ‘Peace at Last’.  We have been investigating the new vocabulary appearing in the book and anticipating what might happen in the story.  This has encouraged us to make bears and design our own pyjamas. We have also been investigating the number three and learning finger rhymes using numbers.

Enjoy the hot weekend everyone!

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Published on 6th October, 2023

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