30 June 2023

Atwood Early Years Fun Day

Yesterday, the children in our Nursery and Reception classes had a day full of fun.  As the whole school Sports Day would be too much for our youngest children, we have our own day that allows them to take part in sporting activities and have their family in school too.  It looked like it might have to be cancelled due to the downpour in the morning, but luckily we held our nerve and it turned into a lovely day.

Nursery invited family members in to school to have a picnic lunch with their children.  Different physical development activities were on offer during this time for the children to engage in.  Everyone looked like they were having a marvellous time and it was wonderful to see everybody having an opportunity to witness their children in the school setting.

In the morning, Reception took part in fun activities with their class teachers.  The parachutes were dusted off and the children demonstrated excellent listening skills so they could play a number of games with them.  In the afternoon, family members came in to watch their children take part in a carousel of four competitive activities which were: egg and spoon race; sack race; under & over race and the dressing up race.  We then had every Reception child having a turn in a running race  People from the audience then had a chance to take part in the male, female and toddler races!  What a lot of cheering took place!

One of the highlights was the bouncy castle which was kindly paid for by our FOAP.  We squeezed in as many bounces as we could, and the Year 1 children even came down to have a go!

Ms Docherty

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Published on 30th June, 2023

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