20 October 2023

Atwood Early Years explore autumn

The children have been amazing in their first half term in the Early Years at Atwood.  You can see the children have settled well and made lots of new friends.  As the temperature drops, everybody has been spotting the signs of autumn and learning about the changes in season.
In Reception we have looking at the book ‘The Leaf Thief’ and learning all about how to identify each of the four seasons.  We went on an autumn walk to see which signs we could spot around the school.  On our walk we collected autumnal items and had fun making things with them when back in class.  The children created beautiful leaf rubbing pictures and have had fun making pictures using natural items.  The children loved learning about how hedgehogs are searching for places to hibernate at the moment, and they had fun making their own spikey friends.
We have also been learning about representing the numbers within five in different ways.  The children enjoyed going on an autumn number hunt and finding different amounts of various items.  They have correlated the number of fingers most people have on each hand to the number five.  They have made collections of five objects, matching an object to each finger, showing that 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5.
This week Nursery has been listening to and joining in with the song, ‘If you’re happy and you know it’.  We have enjoyed being able to copy the actions, as well as making up our own.  Listening to the song has encouraged us to investigate how we can make our own shakers and how to decorate them to identify our own instrument.
We have also been developing our fine motor skills as well as our hand eye and co-ordination skills by carefully hammering pegs into pumpkins.  This has allowed us to build confidence with using different tools and helps us to work on our turn taking skills.

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Published on 20th October, 2023

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