10 May 2024

ATW Reception News – Beanstalks and tadpoles

Despite being a shorter week in Reception, everybody has been very busy. During lunchtime on Monday, a beanstalk grew in our creative room.  The children instantly put their detective caps on and were looking for clues as to why this had happened.  They came up with lots of ideas of how it got there, including thinking that a giant had planted it so he could come and visit us. On Wednesday, the book Jack and the Beanstalk appeared at the bottom of the plant. We read the book and everyone enjoyed discussing the morals of the story. The children created fantastic captions to go with the pictures from the story, their writing is improving dramatically.  

In Mathematics we have been consolidating our learning about number bonds to 5 and improving our automatic recall of these number facts. We have now started exploring number bonds to 10.

The children have loved being in this glorious weather, and our outdoor area has been popular. The tadpoles’ water was looking dirty. We started to think about what we needed to do to look after them properly. The children decided their enclosure needed a clean so we all mucked in. We left a container of tap water in the sun overnight to get rid of the chlorine that would be harmful to the tadpoles. The next day we carefully caught all of the tadpoles and moved them from their dirty water into the fresh container. We scrubbed the old one clean and returned them to their home. Great job Reception!

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Published on 10th May, 2024

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