21 October 2022

ATW – Reception All About Autumn

Over the past two weeks Reception have been learning about the changes that occur in Autumn.  They started by reading the book ‘Leaf Man’ by Louis Ehlert.  The children explored the vocabulary within the text, focusing on the word ‘journey’ and thinking about where the wind would take us.  They extended their vocabulary and understanding by learning the poem, ‘Breezy Weather’, which focuses on the changes in the weather and the trees losing their leaves in Autumn.

During child-initiated learning time the children explored common Autumn artefacts, exploring their texture, colour and smell.  The children then created art using these objects in different ways using the ‘Leaf Man’ story as inspiration.  To finish the topic the Reception children, staff and some parents, went for a local walk to look for signs of Autumn.  The children were excited by the mushrooms they found in the woodlands and the ‘imaginary squirrels’.  The most exciting part was splashing in the puddles and mud as the rain came falling down!

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Published on 21st October, 2022

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