04 November 2022

ATW – Nursery Fireworks

With it being a short work in Nursery we jumped straight into looking at fireworks, in preparation of Bonfire Night on Saturday 5th November.  We have explored various ways of making marks that represent fireworks, including bubble painting, and stamping with cut out tubes.  We spoke about the noises that fireworks make and created sounds with our voices to support our Foundations in Phonics Little Wandle progression.  Examples of this included: pop, bang, sssss.

Touching on fireworks in the disguise as rockets, we went on to explore shapes and created and decorated our own rocket puppets.  Lastly we finished our fireworks topic by playing an interactive game of ‘Guess the sound’, linking to our Phase 1 Foundations in Phonics.  Everyone took part with their listening ears and together selected the appropriate answers.

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Published on 4th November, 2022

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