26 January 2024

ATW EYFS news – creative crafts and beastly creatures

There has been a lot of creative and physical development occurring in the early years this week.  Wolves have been trying to blow down the houses created by the Nursery children and junk modelled monsters have taken over Reception!

In Reception, we have continued our topic of ‘Watch out – there’s a monster about!’.  The children have been following step-by-step instructions to learn how to draw different types of monsters and some of the artistic talent has blown us away.  We then used our drawing skills to design our own monster, creating a plan and thinking about how we want it to look.  We used our design to help inform how we made our junk modelled monster thinking about what materials we need to use and how we are going to combine those materials together.  The children had so much fun, as did we!

We have also been looking at the nursery rhyme, ‘Five Little Speckled Frogs’ to help us learn our number bonds to 5.  The children had fun creating their own speckled frogs to live in the pool by painting rocks which were later varnished to keep them waterproof.  They are able to demonstrate a good understanding of number bonds to five with many children being able to rapidly recall the numbers.  The children have enjoyed using our new bikes and can be seen racing around the daily mile track each day.

This week, nursery has been reading the ‘Three Little Pigs’ and investigating what we could make our houses with to make them strong.  We have enjoyed talking about different materials and thinking about whether or not the big bad wolf could blow them down.
This week we have started Squiggle Wiggle, which is a program that incorporates dance and large movements to music to help build the fine muscle control needed for writing.  We had lots of fun creating new movements!  We have also been practising our fine motor skills by using pasta and spaghetti, using spoons to pick it up and putting it in pots and pans.  Additionally, we have used the peg boards, picking up the little pegs and creating our own patterns.

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Published on 26th January, 2024

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