02 February 2024

ATW Early Years news – Bog babies and little pigs

The children in the early years are well and truly settled and the progress they are making is a joy to see.  Throughout the setting, we are seeing children engaged in a wide variety of activities, happily challenging themselves in their learning and being ‘have-a-go’ heroes.

In Reception this week, we have continued our ‘Watch out – there’s a monster about!’ topic by looking at the book, ‘The Bog Baby’. This book is a firm favourite of the Reception team and hopefully your children now feel the same.  We have been learning about the habitat  where the Bog Baby lived, a pond in a dell in the middle of a forest, and we have been looking at how animals need different habitats to stay happy and healthy.

We made our own bog babies remembering the description from the story of them: being the size of a frog; being round and blue; having a spiky tail; having ears like a mouse and having tiny wings.  We then added our own details to the bog baby as we know that not everybody is the same and our differences are what make us interesting and unique.  Thinking about what our new pets needed, we then created a mini habitat for them to live in.  I think you will agree that the children have done an amazing job.  We now have a sea of happy-looking bog babies living in Reception before coming home with the children.

Nursery have continued to explore ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and are now are able to sequence the story in the correct order. The children though of some other materials we could use for our houses so that the big bad wolf couldn’t eat us.

We have also used our fine motor skills to create our very own pig and wolf masks to help us act out the story as well making our own houses made of straw, sticks and bricks.  We had lots of fun pretending to be the wolf ‘huffing and puffing’ by splatting paint from pipettes onto paper and seeing how far we could blow the paint.

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Published on 2nd February, 2024

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