21 October 2022

ATW – Black History Month in Reception

This week in Reception we have been learning about Black History Month.  We focused on how important it is to celebrate people’s diversities and how this links into our ‘Kind words, kind thoughts and kind actions’.  We used the book ‘We All Saw a Cat’ to investigate how we all see things in different ways.  The children noticed that when we saw things using kind thoughts we saw things in a positive light.  We then looked at the differences and diversity within Reception.  We thought about how we are all different and how this makes us much more interesting as a group.  We looked at different pumpkins and hypothesised whether even though they looked different on the outside, would they be the same on the inside?  This reinforced our discussions on how we behave and what is on the inside is our key unifying factor.

Over the week we learnt about some of the key historical figures of the black historical movement.  We focused on Dr. Martin Luther King and listened to his “I have a dream” speech.  We then thought about how we could all do something to make the world a better place and what our own dream would be.

“If we make the world better all the people will be happy.”  Aaryan, age 5.

“I wish everyone could share their food so that no-one could be hungry.”  Eddie, age 4.

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Published on 21st October, 2022

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