05 May 2023

A royal week in Atwood’s Reception

This week in Reception the children have enjoyed learning all about the upcoming coronation of our new king, King Charles.  They have been getting crafty and making crowns as models and also to wear for our picnic celebration.  The children used their fine motor skills using tubes and paper to make representations of a king.  We talked about that King Charles will be the king of our country, and we made our own Union Jacks to wave.  The children even go so patriotic that they made their own ‘Great British’ red and blue house!

As well as focusing on the coronation, we have been looking at the different between past and present.  We used the story ‘Peepo’ to help us see how things have changed from the past and are different now.  We have enjoyed watching the tadpoles growing (some of them have got bigger very quickly!) and planting some of our seeds out into the containers.  The children have enjoyed the warmed weather and have been practising their gross motor skills using the basket ball hoop!

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Published on 5th May, 2023

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