17 June 2022

CYP LOWER – Zoologists in Reception!

The three reception classes had a very exciting visit from some exotic minibeasts this week. ‘Zoolab’ brought a variety of creepy crawlies for us to handle and observe first-hand and we were very brave! We held a corn snake, a giant African land snail and a millipede! “Rosie” the tarantula and  “Billy” the scorpion were just a little too wild and deadly for us to hold, so we had a good look at them in their tanks! The children asked lots of interesting questions and we discovered what a minibeast expert Joey in Red Class is.  One to watch Mr. Attenborough!

What an exciting day for our reception children and one which was a great talking point and inspiration for their work on minibeasts.

The Reception Team


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Published on 17th June, 2022

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