27 June 2022

BINF Science Week – What happens if we investigate…

During our science week, the children have had a fantastic time working as scientists, developing their scientific vocabulary and carrying out exciting experiments.  Whilst conducting their investigations, they have been busy making predictions, observations and drawing their own conclusions.  We closed Science week with our very own ‘live’ experiment assembly where each year group conducted their own experiments.  In the nursery, the children investigated sinking and floating, using a small world beach and a plastic boat.  The children predicted how many stones it would take to sink the boat- they got all the way to 5!  In reception, they investigated the changing states of matter.  They shook cream for a long time until it finally changed into a solid state – butter!  They later used their newly made butter to make a tasty sandwich!  In year 1, the children investigated dancing raisins by adding raisins into a glass of sparkling water.  We were all amazed to see the raisins sink to the bottom of the glass and then float up to the surface again when the gas bubbles had attached to the raisins and this happened over and over again!  In year 2, the children conducted a fair test to show how plants take up water.  They stood identical plants in identical amounts of different coloured water and observed daily for changes.  They were amazed to see that the plants changed colour to match the colour of the water!  We have had such a fun week and becoming a scientist has become a very popular choice of future occupation!

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Published on 27th June, 2022

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