16 January 2024

BINF – Professor Bubbleworks And The Stretchy Slime…

Today, reception had a very exciting visit from a special scientist called, Professor Bubbleworks!  Working as scientists, we got to do our very own experiment by making slime!  We observed that the slime started off as a liquid and then changed into a solid.  We mixed all of the ingredients together including baby oil, glue, paint and borax, which made the coloured slime!  During the experiment, we all predicted what we thought would happen and how the slime might feel once it was created.  Some of these predictions were very clever! “I predict that it will be wet”, “I think it will be squashy” and “I predict that it will be stretchy”.  Once we had all made our slime and examined it, we said a big thank you and goodbye to Professor Bubbleworks.  We were all very happy because we got to keep the slime and take it home.  We had so much fun working as scientists!

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Published on 16th January, 2024

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