08 March 2023

BINF – 999! Reception Get An Exciting Visit From The Police…

In reception, we are learning all about people who help us in our communities this half term.  Last week, we learnt about all the Police and looked at how they protect us. We used our imagination to make walkie-talkies, police badges and hand cuffs for our small world play. We used our creations to catch the criminal burglar bill who had made bad choices and stolen things from our classroom!  On Friday, we were very lucky to have a special visit from police officers.  We had the opportunity to try on their police hats, jackets and handcuffs and they talked about how we can stay safe but the best thing was sitting in their car and putting the siren on; how exciting!  I wonder if we will be Police Officers when we grow up?

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Published on 8th March, 2023

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