20 March 2024

BINF – 999…It’s An Emergency!

This term in reception our topic is ‘People Who Help Us’. The children have been learning about all the different types of people who can help us in our community.  Using our new key vocabulary, “emergency” the children spoke in talk partners about what they think an emergency is and the different types.  We decided that an emergency is when you are in very serious danger and need help as quick as possible, not when we can’t find our missing glove!

In reception, the children were lucky enough to have had an exciting visit from the Firefighters! The children got to go into the fire truck, wear some of the special clothing that firefighters wear, use the Walkie Talkie’s and learnt all about what Firefighters’ do to keep people safe! The Firefighters also spoke to the children about what we need to do in an emergency and how to stay safe.  The children were very proud and excited to tell the Firefighters all about what we have been learning in our current topic and that we must call 999 in an emergency! We now have a lot of children in reception who want to be Firefighters when they grow up!  One of the children said, “when I get bigger I will put out all the fires and keep people safe!” The children and adults were very grateful to the Firefighters for their visit and we gave them a big thank you!

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Published on 20th March, 2024

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