17 June 2022

EPS Swimming in the hot weather

This year, we have made sure we are fulfilling our commitment to the national curriculum by providing swimming lessons in Key Stage Two.  Every child in Years 4, 5 and 6 will get the chance to swim for two weeks in a block of lessons.  This will help them to develop this invaluable life skill.

Year 4 have already been as have Saturn class. As the weather has been getting hotter and hotter this week, Venus class have been the lucky ones hitting the pool.

Miss Nicolls writes:

‘Venus Class have begun their swimming adventure this week. They have all enjoyed their first week thoroughly, taking to it like ducks to water!!! It’s been nice to watch the children put their all into the lessons, especially those children who have never been in a pool before. Next week. some of the children are challenging themselves to do better than they did this week, it’s an absolute pleasure to see their internal motivation pushing them forward. Keep up the good work Venus Class!!!’

Before the end of the year, it will be the turn of Year 6.  Let’s hope that the weather stays warm for them so that they can enjoy cooling off at the pool.

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Published on 17th June, 2022

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