06 October 2023

Ecclesbourne Celebrates Black History Month

During 2023’s Black History Month, we are connecting with our inner historians to make links between our own diverse histories and those of prominent Black British figures. We are learning that we can take lessons from the past to build a better future, as the Sankofa bird inspires us to ‘go back and get it’ because ‘learning together from history will help us all to create a better future’.

The overarching theme for Black History Month 2023 is ‘Celebrating Our Sisters’. We have a rich range of resources in school to help us recognise and appreciate those Black women whose achievements have historically been overlooked. We hope that they will inspire our children of all backgrounds to do great things.

Mrs Baldry treated us to an informative assembly showcasing a wide variety of resources (many of which she has kindly made available in school) to help us learn more about Black British History. She has set up an engaging display at the main entrance to the school including books and posters where you can find out more. We are also able to signpost families to useful online resources.

We hope that you will be inquisitive during this Black History Month and learn about some people and events that you were not familiar with before. We are so lucky that our school is a safe place to share and learn respectfully from each other.

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Published on 6th October, 2023

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