17 June 2022

CYP LOWER – Little Cypress: Cress Mountains, Sunshine and Paddling Pools!

The children in Little Cypress have been observing how the mustard, cress and cat grass seeds that we planted a week ago have been growing. It seems almost unbelievable how quickly our cress mountain has shot up in just a few days. We have been diligently spraying it with water to ensure that the compost is at its best for the seeds to grow. It is now the most lush, verdant eruption of green gloriousness! It is irresistible to touch as you walk past and the aroma of the mustard and cress fills the nursery! The children have been peering through the magnifying glasses and some said it was growing before their eyes! Andre observed that: “It looks like a jungle!” and Raine said it was like: “…bushes in the park!” Louiza observed: “It’s like a field!”, whilst Robyn thought it was: “… just like a jungle where snakes live!” Penda said: “It’s nice and green and it’s like Crystal Palace Park where there are all the flowers!” What fabulous observations!

On Monday we are going to harvest our crops and make some mustard and cress sandwiches.

Our week got increasingly warm and by Friday we were faced with scorching conditions, but luckily had paddling pools and tuff trays to paddle in and keep cool.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Little Cypress Team

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Published on 17th June, 2022

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