27 January 2023

Cypress Primary School – Capitalising on our skills

This week in KS1 we have been Building our Learning Powers, considering how we can use resources to help us solve problems.  Mrs Guerry led an assembly on Tuesday celebrating Chinese New Year.  In KS2 this week we thought a little deeper about how to capitalise on our resources and skills to improve our learning outcomes.  We heard the Chinese New Year story detailing how animals were chosen for the Chinese zodiac cycle and thought carefully about which animals had capitalised on their skills to gain an advantage in the race set by the Jade Emperor and those who had not.  This week in our lessons, we are considering ways to improve our outcomes by using the resources (success criteria, scaffolds, knowledgeable peers) around us and by knowing our strengths and developmental areas (when to ask a friend, when to engage successful prior learning/experience).

Year 2 children have enjoyed an informative workshop led by the London Fire Brigade.  Lewis in Violet class said, “We learnt that if there is a fire you need to duck down low, so you don’t get a cough from smoke or inhale it.  We also learnt that the fire brigade can be used for lots of different things, like rescuing people or even getting cats from trees!  If you need the fire brigade you type 999 on your phone.”

Hazel Class treated us to a fantastic assembly sharing poetry on things they felt passionately about including topics such as the environment and friendship in a ‘Strictly Come Writing’ format!  Well done to Hazel class for fantastic acting skills, amazing intonation and confident delivery of their poems.  A big well done also to the adults who helped them deliver a great assembly- Ms Patel and Mrs Simadree.

Year 4 have been thoroughly enjoying their weekly Cricket lessons with Platform.  They have been practising their overarm bowling today – focusing on keeping their arm straight as they bring their arm up and over to release the ball. They were focused and all showed progress during their sessions.

NEU strike action – Wednesday 1st February

Please find here the letter sent out on Wednesday (25th), detailing the present arrangements for the strike day next Wednesday.  However, any NEU member is entitled to join the strike right up until the last day and so the arrangements stated in the letters may be subject to change and this is beyond our control.  This dispute is between the NEU and Secretary of State for Education and is very much out of the Trust’s hands.  Classes that are open will be taught, as normal, by a qualified teacher with fully accredited Designated Safeguarding Leads available to ensure the children’s safety.

Children in Lime class will go swimming as normal on Wednesday 1st February, and will be led by their usual teacher and supported by Ms Joshi.  If you would like to help and join the class on their swimming afternoons, please contact the class teacher.

Cypress Superstars

Ivy and Aggie in Indigo class been working incredibly hard in maths this week, tackling some problem solving challenges involving finding different ways to make the same total.

As part of their thematic curriculum focus of ‘Toys’, the children in Year 1 have been using fine lines to sketch.  Well done to Leon, Rufus, Antonio, Rose, Aarav, Phoebe, Jocelyn, Bertie and Isla for their fantastic efforts and detailed sketches.

All of the children in Year 2 have enjoyed writing their star poems this week.  They have been busy planning these poems and this week wrote their final versions.  We have been so impressed with their use of imagery, descriptive language and similes and clearly have some budding authors at Cypress!  Well done to Year 2.

We celebrated lots of children’s achievements in our Rainbow Assembly today at the Lower School.  Well done to Daniel and Sophia for winning a Word of the Week rosette for using ‘frost’ in a great sentence.  Next week our word is gentle.


Hazel in Birch class has been awarded a green Blue Peter badge this week!  Hazel achieved this by picking up rubbish in her local area!  Not only does picking up rubbish improve the look of the local area, it also can help the eco system thrive.  Plants are able to grow easier and animals are not hurt by the debris.  Hazel also recycled the items so that they can further help the environment.  Well done Hazel!!

Khloe (Hawthorn) and Emerson (Lime) wrote some wonderfully descriptive passages detailing the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in Pompeii.  They wrote in first person and were careful to use powerful adjectives and adverbs to create strong imagery.  Well done to you both!  I thoroughly enjoyed reading your narratives!

Markela and Layal (Rowan) have been busy learning Spanish classroom instructions.  They have practised them and out them into a song!  Can you work out what the instructions are?

Click this link to hear Markela and Layal sing in Spanish


Makaton sign of the week

This week we launched our Makaton sign of the week at the Lower School.  Click here to learn more about Makaton!  In EYFS and KS1 assemblies we learnt about how Makaton is a form of communication used to support speech and we learnt our first sign: snow.  Each week we will introduce a new sign, practice it together in assembly and share on our weekly news stories.  This week we’ve also had some new communication boards installed in Rainbows, Nursery and our Reception playgrounds to support our children in EYFS.

Morning drop-off polite reminder

Please ensure that your child is in class and ready to learn by 9am: this is when our lessons start promptly, after registration.  Teachers will close their classroom doors at 9am so if you do need to speak to them please do so before this time, after school or ask for an appointment.  Thank you for your support.

Upcoming events

Our next Cypress Primary Coffee Morning for parents/ carers of children with SEND will be held on Thursday 2nd February, where ‘Love To Communicate’ will be leading a presentation about their Speech and Language work at Cypress.  Blue class have an assembly on Friday 3rd February and Indigo class have an assembly on Thursday 9th February.  Museum Day is coming up on Friday 10th February and we will share plans with families next week.

Mrs Carpenter’s Maternity Leave

Many of you will be aware that I will be beginning my maternity leave next week.  In my absence, Ms Binks will be stepping into an Acting Head position and Ms Stewart will be her Acting Deputy.  I will visit with the new arrival in time and the children will see me on various days throughout the next two terms.  I shall miss all of our Cypress families and will see you again soon.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Carpenter, Mrs Sorensen and the Cypress Team


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